Monday, March 21, 2011

Elf Lashes

Elf lashes are awesome! Can't go wrong for $1.00 I ordered them on their website

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neutrogena Haul

Last week I made a quick stop at CVS because I was running low on my Neutrogena cleanser and make-up remover and I also wanted to try out Healthy Skin Sheer Glow foundation.

The Deep Clean cream cleanser is my favorite facial wash.I've been using this for years. It leaves my skin feeling radiant and fresh.It also prevents blemishes and this is very helpful because I always get a huge sucker around the time of the month and this cleanser prevents that from happening :-)

Before I wash my face I always remove my makeup with the oil-free makeup remover.I take a cotton ball and apply a small amount and just start wiping away.I really like this remover because it's not oily and doesn't make my face feel greasy.I give this a thumbs up.

Ok so.... Lately I've been looking for a foundation thats not heavy and is wearable for everyday .Like if I just want to go to the mall or if I have guest coming over and I don't want to look like a zombie and scare people lol. Anyways I picked up Healthy Skin Sheer Glow foundation and I really like this product.It's blends so well and it gives you a very beautiful glow but it only gives you a light coverage so if your looking for medium or full coverage I don't recommend this for you.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby's first lipstick

If you didn't know I have a daughter. She is 5 months old and I am so in love with her. A few days ago I went to Babies R Us with my chubba and I saw this toy purse and it came with a little mirror,fake money,bracelet,and a lipstick rattle. When I saw the lipstick rattle I just had to get it lol It's so adorable and in a couple of years I can so see her playing with my make-up and trying on my heels *sigh*

Baby's first lipstick lol Another joy of motherhood is buying toys and seeing Yeleina play with it. :-)

Monday, March 14, 2011

BH Cosmetics Review

YAY! My 120 eyeshadow palette from BH cosmetics finally came in the mail today! I have to stay I am in love with all the colors.The colors are very pigmented and vibrant. You can't go wrong with this product. The package had alot of thought put into it and none of the eyeshadows were broken (thank god) lol. Anyways I ordered the 120 second edition palette which is great for creating any look you want.If you want a dramatic look or just daytime look its perfect. BH cosmetics also has a 1st & 3rd edition palette which I plan on getting very soon!If you are a make-up junkie I highly recommend this product.You can get this at for $29.95 <3

TADA! That palette seems alot bigger in pictures but it's really not that big.

I took a picture just to show you guys how pigmented and beautiful the colors are (Don't mind my ugly fingers lol)!

Well I hope you enjoy this blog post! Toodles intill the next time.